Pierre Belleza Publico.
Born in the Philippines, 1989.
Lives in Baltimore.
Loves JCK.
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Big Sean - I Don’t Fuck With You (ft. E-40) [Prod. DJ Mustard and Kanye West]

I didn’t know Big Sean can go hard. But the main thing about this song is the DJ Mustard and Kanye West beat collab. You can tell it’s a Kanye beat at the end and Mustard always comes thru with a great catchy loop. It’s just cool. Cool-cool.

Sam Smith - I’m Not the Only One (ft. A$AP Rocky)

Rocky’s verses/flows are so smooth. They remind me of old school Kanye. And I love old school Kanye.

We go together, baby
And if you do
I’ll be your weakness, baby
And get to you

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And I thought I had lost my passion of listening to music.

These albums are great, you should listen to them. Yuh-huh.

Making a Valentine’s day playlist

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