Pierre Belleza Publico.
Born in the Philippines, 1989.
Lives in Baltimore.
Loves you a lot, just afraid to show it.

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Choco mallow #candy #hermans #sunny #spring

Choco mallow #candy #hermans #sunny #spring

Ladybugs #insect #ladybug #sunflowers #spring  #sunny

Ladybugs #insect #ladybug #sunflowers #spring #sunny


Welcome back, Omar / Cedric! Also, thanks, Flea!

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CTB Podcast Episode 52: The Honorable Stephan Fogleman

The Podgang is joined by Baltimore City Liquor Board Chairman turned Orphan Court Judge Stephan Fogleman to discuss all things Baltimore Booze, some state level politics and Steve’s career as a college television personality.

This is the best video


Here are the folks announced for the new Smash Bros. so far ⊟

The top image contains the new Smash Bros. game’s Assist Trophies (here’s a version with the Metroid shown this morning), while the other pic shows the playable characters with their ancillary buddies, like Olimar with his Pikmin. Both are from Neorice, who is on Tumblr so you should follow him.

Don’t forget that there will be a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the 3DS/Wii U game tomorrow, streaming at 6PM ET (12AM EU time) — we’ll probably see one or two new faces to add to the roster!

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